FCE Publications

Publications and Materials

John Grobe, President of Federal Career Experts, has written several popular books in the area of federal retirement and career transition.  He has also designed training manuals that are so well-written that they can stand alone as a resource for federal employees.

Retirement Publications

Understanding the Federal Retirement SystemsUnderstanding the Federal Retirement Systems has been a bestselling book on federal retirement for the last 11 years.  It covers a wide variety of financial topics in addition to federal retirement and is used by some federal training providers as the textbook for their pre-retirement seminars.It is revised every year and can be ordered from the Federal Management Institute.The book is updated annually. Click on link to order. http://www.apprioinc.com/services/learning/publications/

Federal Career Experts has several different training manuals that are used in most of our pre-retirement seminars.  The manuals are updated on an as needed basis (normally two to three times a year) and can be customized for individual agencies.  They come in several different editions:

  • FERS
  • CSRS
  • CSRS and FERS Combination
  • New Employee Financial and Retirement Planning

Career Publications

CareerTransition: A Guide for Federal EmployeesCareer Transition: A Guide for Federal Employees was published in 2012 by the Federal Management Institute.  It is a detailed look at all of the issues surrounding career transition. Click on link to order. http://www.fpmi.com/publications.aspx



Complete guide to writing a federal resumeThe Complete Guide to Writing a Federal Resume: All New Third Edition. Applying for a federal job can be confusing. There are job announcements to read, specialized experience requirements to meet and occupational questionnaires to answer. In addition ALL applicants must effectively use USAJOBS.gov to apply. This all-new book is designed to help you understand the process for federal positions and prepare the strongest possible resume and application to maximize your opportunities for landing that job and avoid the most common mistakes. Published by FedWeek, Please click here for the Resume Book.


Training Material

Federal Career Experts offers several training course books that go with the pre-retirement seminars that are listed in the stay informed page Please click here.
There are separate books for CSRS, FERS and New Employees. Though the books are designed to be used with training classes, they can serve as stand-alone texts if desired.

FCE also has several PowerPoint presentations that are designed to go with the pre-retirement seminars.

If you’re an agency representative that is looking for training material to use in your own seminars, look no further than FCE’s easy to understand material.