What We Do

Whether you are an agency manager investigating seminars or an individual seeking personal assistance, there are many reasons to choose Federal Career Experts (FCE) for your needs. Incorporated in 1996 and previously known as Chicago Management and Career Consultants, Federal Career Experts (FCE) has been providing quality training and consulting solutions to agencies and individuals since 1997.

John Grobe, Founder and President of Federal Career Experts, has over 40 years of experience with federal issues; first as an employee and manager and later as a consultant. He has written four books (two of which have sold over 25,000 copies) and is a frequent contributor to the fedsmith newsletter and FEDweek’s TSP Investor Report. He is an accomplished trainer and consultant.

FCE has a network of project consultants, most of whom are retired federal employees. Our consultants have experience with all types and categories of federal employees. A Human Resources manager made the following comment about the consultant used on her agency’s project: “You truly gave our employees more than 100% in the information, energy and willingness to answer all their questions — from start to finish.”

FCE is in business to provide answers to your questions and solutions for your problems. Our trainers and facilitators simply provide you the right information at the right time. Unlike some firms that provide retirement seminars, counseling and information, FCE will never attempt to sell products (financial or otherwise) to clients. A recent seminar participant stated: “This was the best retirement seminar I have attended because of the focus on FERS 1811 employees and the fact nothing was being ‘sold’ to us.” In addition, Federal Career Experts is a “carbon-free” business, offsetting all the carbon emissions generated by our activities.