services_agencies_individualsAbout Federal Career Experts

Federal Career Experts (FCE) has been providing quality training and consulting services to federal agencies and federal employees since 1996.  FCE is responsive to the needs of our clients, while still offering the savings that come from being a small business.

Our main areas of expertise is federal employee retirement and benefits. Among our major clients for federal retirement training are the Federal Bureau of Investigation (nationwide contract), the Securities and Exchange Commission (nationwide classes) and the Fish and Wildlife Service (Southeast Region BPA).  We have special expertise in issues dealing with law enforcement employees.

In the retirement and benefits area, you can be sure your agency’s employees are receiving high-quality, unbiased, training, with no financial marketing taking place.  Federal Career Experts has a network of consultants, most of whom are retired federal employees. We are educators, not financial advisers who want to sell financial products to seminar attendees. We do not recommend financial products or advisers.

A NCIS agent said, “This was the best retirement seminar I have attended because of the focus on FERS 1811 employees and the fact that nothing was being ‘sold’ to us”.

Our consultants have experience with all levels and types of federal employees, and go out of their way to get the job done correctly and thoroughly.

A human resource manager from the Railroad Retirement Board made the following comment about the trainer used for pre-retirement seminars, “You truly gave our employees more than 100% in the information, energy and willingness to answer all their questions – from start to finish”.

A retirement manager at the FBI stated, “Federal Career Experts has again provided quality services.  The presenter provides a quality product and updates information as needed, based on trends in employee questions, or proposals/changes in regulations/laws in order to provide information to all employees.  The presenter makes sure he is available when needed to address employee questions in a one-on-one situation.”

Our retirement trainers/consultants are John Grobe, Ehren Clovis and Bill Walinow.  Together they have over 100 years of federal experience.

Our career development and career transition seminars cover a wide range of areas that are important to federal employees in navigating their federal careers. In the area of career development, John Grobe partners with project based career consultants to provide services.

Federal Career Experts is a “carbon-free” business, offsetting all the carbon emissions generated by our activities.